Wednesdays 17:30 to 18:30


If Alfie were a bird, she would be a robin or a raven, because you know they are really similar. If she were a fish she would probably drown. Hopefully this gives you some insight into the type of person she is. Having recently returned from living and travelling in UK, Canada, South Africa, South America and Europe over the last 4 years she fancies herself a bit worldly, and likes to play music she came across along the road. “Something I started doing at hostels, was to ask the new people I met what song they absolutely loved and couldn’t get enough of. In this way I discovered some amazing new sounds and the odd bit of rubbish. But generally, when people know you are only taking one recommendation, they aim high and pick their best, rather than offering a range of mediocrity”. Alfie brings you her random and worldly ensemble to brighten the third worst day of the week (or whatever day you choose to listen to the podcast).

Genre: Alternative, electronic
Bands: Slightly alternative, often electronic, fairly chilled out wonders. With a soft spot for music from the UK, and a side of foreign language unknowns.

Interview: No interview available yet.