Phatkats Deluxe Lounge

Patrick Scott Murphy

Sundays 10:00 to 12:00

32 Years old from Toronto Ontario Canada
Affiliates: Tre aka Blaksawd
Hazeahead, ScottyBrooklyn, Joe Devola, FreudianSlip, (my various pseudonyms or nom de plumes)
Moved to NZ at 13 years old the day before college started, culture shock much? Attended Edgewater in Pakuranga, was living in Beachlands at the time..
Never noticed skin colours or race…went from -20 degrees to 30 degrees still jet-lagged in a… uniform? Remember being the only whitey on the bus to school and the driver had Mai FM on fullblast, inna daze watching us pass Palm trees.
Was moved up a year and finished 6th Form at 15, also moved out of home into a flat the same year.
Was working full-time as a Barista in various Auckland locations whilst studying Audio Engineering at SAE.
Then I began working for Sounds Music Stores as a store manager at age 16 Papakura,Meadowbank, and Botany Downs (staff were allowed to borrow as many albums or DVDs as we wanted which expanded my appreciation of all genres) but I never allowed any top 10 to be played by my staff!
During that era bought my first guitar and turntables “Hi Im Patrick and I’m a Vinyl addict…”
Career then progressed to managing hifi stores, and Jewellery stores. At 18 purchased first home with my now-wife in Manurewa where I would record and produce Hip Hop in the evenings and weekends,  formed the group Mc2 with a local artist The Madhatta, who lived on Symond St above suede bar where I began DJing.
After completing a Diploma in Business Management and having our first Son Liam we decided that Northland was the place to be for him.
Now living on a private beach (anyone welcome) in Parua Bay. (In-laws had/still own the local Gas station so we knew the area pretty well)
Show Tha Phatkats Deluxe Lounge is a showcase of music I Iove and hopefully playing tunes no-one has heard before…
Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Roots Music, Funk… Guests welcome to actually Lounge in the building when vacant (if allowable) seems underutalized on a Sunday, hope to develop a cultue of Local musicans to gather….(waxing philosophical here)
Diploma Audio Engineering SAE
DIP Biz Mgmt Western Uni London Ontario
6th year in Northland now and just quit the corporate life to raise my 2 sons, (now 6 and 2)
Wife runs a local accounting business from home and together we have travelled both Islands
Records songs at Bigdoor Studio in Whangarei or my home studio. Always learning and looking to collaborate with the musically inclined.
Hobbies: Psychoacoustics, Psychology, Art,Literature, Film Turntabalism, Bodyboarding, Skiing, Hi-Fi.
First Album ever purchased The Beatles Revolver
First concert attended: Van Morrison age 7
Influences: Any music that moves the soul
Favourite memory: Playing music through Headphones everynight to my Son in the womb…might explain his excellent breakdancing and beatboxing abilities
Fav artist always on a playlist: MF DOOM
Fav Movie: Goodfellas
Fav book: The Dictionary
Genre: Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Roots Music, Funk
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