The Dope Spot


Saturdays 14:00 to 16:00


Tre grew up with hip-hop. His older sister was break-dancing while he was learning how to crawl… With his siblings he started to perform and then write music, later he became a break-dancer himself. He’s now an established rap artist – he has opened for Supergroove and Che Fu (twice) and has performed for years.

For Tre aka Blacksawd, it’s about the whole hip-hop culture – so rich with things like graffiti art, breakdancing and rap. Lyrics are important – when done well rap can be like poetry. You’ll find this respect in the music he chooses for the show and the people he welcomes in as guests.

Tre has great admiration for the Northland scene and wants to help foster the hip-hop community here. He gets local artists in so they can talk about their music, play it and maybe even perform it live. He asks people to send their music in and welcomes new blood. He was mentored for a time by an established hip-hop artist and has experienced the power that passing on knowledge can have.

There’s a lot going on in the Northland scene and his show is exclusively Northland based.  When you know where to look, there’s a lot of variety in the genre – some heavy, some jazzy, some darker and even some metal based.

If you’re new to hip-hop or have been put off by the worst of the pop version, Tre carefully curates his music to bring the best of the true genre forward. You might get a surprise when you hear it done so well. I did.

Tre is one of the new breed in Beagle.  He heard about the station after someone approached him at a gig he was doing and he came in to have a look and it went from there. Good to have you with us Tre.

Genre: Local Hip Hop and R&B
Bands: Dam Native, Upper Hutt Posse, Che Fu, NAS, A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dog