The Optimists Lunch

Lisa Sutherland

Wednesdays 11:30 to 13:30 (once every 4 weeks)


The Optimists Lunch usually includes a long-form interview with some kind of maverick with a good heart. By that I mean the sort of person that once you get them talking, you realise they are fascinating – and you can have a really interesting chinwag even though you might never see them again. Interviewees have often got some kind of Northland link. They might have sailed round the world before settling here like Joseph Camuso  or they might be a 7th generation Northlander like Doctor Kyle Eggleton or they might just be passing through like Lillian Grace, CEO of charity Figure NZ or starting out and making an impact like Whangarei’s world number 1 amateur boxer Deanne Carpenter.

There are so many good people out there…this is a bit of air time for an unhurried conversation with a few of them. The show used to be weekly but it got a bit much as the interviews take a bit of time to produce (from first contact to air can be anywhere from 6 to 12 hours work)…so now it’s monthly. I forward announce on Facebook before a show so you know if there is one and who the interviewee guest is. I keep the interviews accessible as interviewees sometimes want to use them – you can hear the back catalogue on SoundCloud at The Optimists Lunch. Sometimes I find podcasts made by other people on interesting topics e.g. bitcoin, driverless cars etc that I think might be interesting to Beagle listeners so occasionally you’ll hear one of those instead. And there will always be some of my favourite music before and after.

I’m always open to suggestions of people to interview: contact or contact via the Beagle website or Facebook page.

Genre: As above
Bands: Music before and after interviews is soulful, funky, housey and laid back afternoon sounds

Interview: No interview available yet.